Assignment 4 - Spell Checker

due 10/23

The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice using dynamic memory allocation, c-string functions, sorting, and searching.  You will write a spell checking program and test it.

Program Steps

Read a dictionary word file into an array of c-strings.   You will need to dynamically allocate memory for each word in the dictionary.  The word file contains 23,907 words.
Sort the dictionary.
Reading in a test file, one line at a time.  Parse the line to get each individual word in the line.  Search the dictionary word list (the array of c-strings) for each word in the line.  If the word is not found, print a message.  The search should be performed as a binary search.

Program Requirements

Program Output

Your output should looks quite similar to this:

Misspelled word, withering on  line 4
Misspelled word, captivity on  line 5
Misspelled word, dramatize on  line 12
Misspelled word, 'tis on  line 102
Misspelled word, Alleghenies on  line 107
Misspelled word, snowcapped on  line 108

There should be less than 20 misspelled words.

Program Hints

More Advice