Assignment E

Use the lab instructions given on the Internet at
Use the same format for the opening comments as in assignment A, with your name, course and quarter, assignment, problem, and short problem description.
Type a program, as described in the following description. Compile it, correct any errors and execute it.
Copy the execution results into an   /* Execution Results:   comment.
Print the completed program with the execution results from within the Interactive Development Environment.
Always use memory constants when constant values are needed, except numbers such as 0 or 1 can be used in the code where their use is clear.

Chapter 3 Project 39

Hint: Correct alignment is important.
Align the decimal points for dollar amounts.
Right align integers.
The tax printed should be a dollar amount.
Use memory constants for the tax rate and unit prices.

Test it three times:
Use the data SET 1 and SET 2, specified in the book.
Data for Set 3 => 1 4 10 3 0

Check all alignments.
Look at the results and see if they seem reasonable.
Compute the results by hand and check your results.