References are to Gilberg and Forouzan book

There are two different types of work assigned in this class:

Reading and Exercises


All assignments should be turned in.

If they are late, they may be marked down some; but all assignments should be turned in.

Exercises should be turned in, when requested.

Reading Assignment

Read the first half of the book, from chapter 1 through chapter 8, except only selection sort in section 8-5, only sequential search in section 8-6, and omit sections 8.7, 8.8, and 8.9. You should read the chapters before we cover the material in class. I intend to cover the chapters in order.

See the schedule for when you should read each chapter and turn in exercises.


References are to Gilberg and Forouzan book.

The intention of the exercises is to encourage you to read the book and look at some exercises early in the lecture on a chapter. You can discover some things you need to learn from the lecture or additional reading.

In the top 1 inch of the first page write your first name followed by your last name, CIS 15AG, Homework Exercises, Chapter number of the chapter. Answers to the odd numbered exercises are available as student downloads from the book publisher; check your work. All homework exercises are in the book, except Exercise 3x for Chapter 3, which is given below.

Reading assignments and exercises

Read Chapter

Do Exercises


9, 10, 24, 30


7, 8, 10, 12


6, 9, Exercise 3x for chapter 3, given below

Exercise 3x for Chapter 3

Using the declarations that follow:

Give the value of the expressions.
Also give the type of the result of each expression.
Also give the new values of any variables changed by side-effects.
Some may be invalid - answer "invalid" in those cases.


int a = 2;

int b = -3;

int c = 13;

long j = 4l;

long k = 4l;

float f = 3.5f;

float g = 7.0f;

float h = 11.35f;

double d = 4.5;

double m = 5.25;

double n = 13.0;

char ch1 = 'a';


a. c/b-b*a

b. b*--k+d*f

c. c/a/m

d. n/a/b

e. c%5*h

f. h*c%5

g. (h+g)/d+c%j

h. ch1++

i. ch2+b-g/-f

j. ++h*d---n

k. (j+n)/2*b