CIS 2 Computers and the Internet in Society

Green sheet - Course description - spring 2010


Dr. Ira Oldham e-mail phone (408) 864-8562
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Office hours 3:30 PM - 4:20 PM MW,   4:50 PM - 5:40 PM TTh,   room F51k,   (F none)

Description from Catalog:

A critical examination of the capabilities and uses of the Internet, computers and celluar communications, and how they are changing business, law, politics, health, education, entertainment, and society.

Advisory preparation:

One of the following choices:
    English Writing 211 and Reading 211 OR
    Language Arts 211 OR
    English as a Second Language 272 and 273

Section number:

CIS -002.-01

Call number:


Required Text

Computers in our World, Second Edition, by Beverly Amer
Course Technology - Cengage Learning ©2008,
ISBN 13: 978-1-4239-2515-6 ISBN 10: 1-4239-2515-7

Work required

(nominal hours per week):
4 units X 3 hours per week = 12 hours per week, consisting of:
4 hours per week class attendance
8 hours per week homework, reading, and review.
Regular attendance, being ready for each class, is needed by most students, in order to pass.


Participation 10%
Assignments 40%
Examinations 50%

Final examination counts 1.5 times as much as a one hour examination

Grade average required:

 A+	98 through 100
 A	92 through 97
 A-	90 or 91
 B+	88 or 89
 B	82 through 87
 B-	80 or 81
 C+	78 or 79
 C	70 through 77
 C- 	is not permitted
 D+	68 or 69
 D	62 through 67
 D-	60 or 61
 F+	is not permitted
 F	59 or less
 F-	is not permitted

Do your own work

Talk to other students about the assignments, look at their work, but do your own work. Do original work in creating your class projects. During a quiz or examination do not look at anyone else's work. Do original work in creating your assignments. Give credit to quoted work. Discussion and exchange of ideas is strongly encouraged. Be cooperative; give and receive suggestions.

Academic Integrity is required. Violation of any of the above requirements, or any other academic integrity violation, will usually result in a grade of 0 being given for the work involved or a grade of F being given for the course.

Classroom and laboratory rules

No smoking, eating, or drinking in laboratories and classrooms; no disrupting class; turn cell phones off.
Look by the CIS desk, to get instructions for working in the lab. Only CIS work is permitted in the CIS laboratory.
Other school policies are discussed in the De Anza Class Schedule, the De Anza Catalog, and the CIS Laboratory policies handout.

Administrative actions:

These are your responsibility.
You must meet any deadlines specified in the Schedule of Classes. If you add the course, you must get an add code from me, and submit it to the administration. If you want a credit/no credit grade, you must file the form with the administration. If you are unable to complete the class, it is your responsibility to complete the drop processing. If you miss an examination, or are more than one week late in your assignments, you might or might not be dropped by me. Notify me if you are more than one week late in assignments. Contact me a week or two in advance, if you must miss a scheduled examination.

Disability accommodations:

Students with physical or psychological disabilities should contact Disability Support Services, Student and Community Services building, room 141, (408) 864-8753. Students with learning disabilities should contact Educational Diagnostic Center Learning Center West building, room 110, (408) 864-8838. You the student, these support groups, and I the instructor can work together to meet reasonable requests for accommodations. You may speak with me confidentially during my office hour, or by appointment.

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