Schedule for each unit


Each unit has the following sequence of activites:

Before class Power point slides, book reading, and any warm up work

power point slides

Power point slides for the unit contain information for the unit. These slides were prepaired by Clare Nguyen.

You need to select Slide Show to play the slides, otherwise the videos will not play.


The readings for the unit are from the book Think Python by Allen B. Downey.

warm up work

Some warm up work may be suggested to be done before class.

In class exercises

in class exercises

In class exercises for the topic are all done within the class meeting. The exercises are provided, done by the students, and checked by the instructor, all within the class meeting.

In class Quiz

in class quiz

There will be an in class quiz at the end of the second class meeting of the unit.

After class CodeLab exercises

after class CodeLab exercises

The codeLab exercises will primarly be done after the class meetings for the unit. They have a due date given, which is a few days after the unit class meetings.