CIS 40

Unit 1 Assignment

Set up accounts and get ready to do the course work, as follows:

  1. Set up your account and log into your account. All the CIS classroom and lab computers are connected to the puma windows server and can also connect to the voyager Linux server. You need to set up your account, which will allow you to access the puma windows server directly from these machines. Link to: account set up
  2. Stay logged in so the instructor can check to see that all students are logged in.
  3. Look at our class web site: course web pages
  4. Select CIS 40 Introduction to programming in Python.
  5. Look at the green sheet.
  6. Look at the weekly schedule.
  7. Look at the schedule within each unit.
  8. Go back up to the course web pages and select Canvas. Login with your MyPortal ID and password.
  9. The only thing there is your section access code which you will need to access CodeLab. Make a record of the section access code and log out.
  10. Go back to the course web pages and select CodeLab exercises. Set up your account there. Remember your password. Be sure to use your exact name, as registered, as your login name for CodeLab because I use your registered name to transfer your CodeLab grades to my grade records.
  11. Do one exercise in CodeLab.