Enter date

Input the year:

Input the month (zero based with 0 for January):

Input the day of the month:

A copy of the JavaScript functions in the head element:

// sample-3-date.js
// This sample shows some date formats

// display the input date in several formats
function display()
  var input1  = document.getElementById("input1");
  var input2  = document.getElementById("input2");
  var input3  = document.getElementById("input3");
  var output1 = document.getElementById("output1");
  var output2 = document.getElementById("output2");
  // convert value strings to numbers
  var input_value1 = new Number(input1.value);
  var input_value2 = new Number(input2.value);
  var input_value3 = new Number(input3.value);
  // three numeric arguments passed to the Date constructor
  var date1   = new Date(input_value1,input_value2,input_value3);
  output1.value = date1.getTime();
  output2.value = date1.toLocaleString();